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Women (and Men) Talking Online

Recently Released: 100 Awesome Webmaster Blogs by and for Women

This article (written by a man) shows Women of Search, Women of Design, Women of the Web, Women of Business. Thanks, Jimmy! I don’t know you but already luv you!

Tamar Wienberg took this HOT on Sphinn, and the relevance of outstanding Women on the Web reaches past the Sphinn collective. The article shows how women are influencing talk on the Web. SEO and Social Media are gaining balanced perspectives as more women become active, especially in the search marketing industry.

Congratulations to Rebecca Kelly of SEOmoz for being featured in this article. There’s a nice mention of SEO Chicks, for which Jane Copeland is a contributor. Other women associated with SEOmoz are mentioned, Tamar Weinberg and Jill Whalen. Rand commented that SEOmoz is also co-woman-owned (by Gillian Muessig) and gives credit to our beloved Sarah Bird. Go ladies of SEOmoz!

Don’t know of SEOmoz? Learn about SEO tools, guides, custom Q & A, marketplace and more for SEO/SEM professionals. There is a lot of stuff here for guys, too!

SEOmoz.org - Learn From SEO Experts. Become an Expert.

Women Conversationalists

What about the stereotypes that women are better at communication skills and men are better at tech skills? Guys dominated early Flash Forward and Web-related conferences. Women are better conversationalists, in general. Have you noticed more and more women at search conferences the past few years? Why?

Does anyone have any stats about women and the Internet? Women in SEO?

The 100 Blogs article showcasing women on the Web demonstrates that women are gaining influence. Is this because women are more conversational? More relational? Online marketing is more about conversation than pushing a message. Does this open the door to allow more women to pursue careers in search marketing and SEO?

Online Relationships

I found Rebecca’s previous SEOmoz post: All The Female Bloggers Say Heyyyy!…Hello? Ladies? Read it!

Are women better at “talking” online?

It’s fun to go back and read about Rebecca’s tomboyhood. I relate and wonder how many other women in this industry came from backgrounds that were full of more boys than girls, lizards, football, mud, snakes, climbing trees, action-packed movies… Many women of all types are very comfortable in this male-dominated industry.

It appears, however, that men dominate the conversation. But is this changing?

I wrote a (not serious) post, Is Twitter Biased to Men?, which was the result of jesting with fellow Twitterer, Brian Carter. This post has a link to, Top Twitter Users Streamgraph, which shows a lot more men are online, at least micro-blogging online with Twitter.

Brian previously posted an audio explaining he was following over 800 people on Twitter. A fun discussion went HOT on Sphinn, and Michelle Robbins, Editor of Search Engine Land, made some interesting observations:

  1. Size matters to men.
  2. Relationships matter to women.

All joking aside… Women communicate on a relational level. The Web is about relationships. Heck, link building is one of the key factors to building trust and search engine ranking – a website’s relationships to other sites. Does that open the door for women to be better link builders, to be better at SEO and conversation?

One week before the Women of the Web article, I learned of Dazzlin Donna and her SEO Scoop blog. Her conversational style is a “must read” for men and women who want to keep up with SEO.

Search marketing brings together various strengths and abilities by men, women, techies, designers, writers and marketers. Congratulations to the women who are making an influence and bringing balance to a once male-dominated industry! Thank you to the men for embracing us as well!

There’s no glass ceiling online!

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  2. @Kelly, Thanks for stopping by! Agreed that KeywordSpy is a valuable tool and should be in one’s arsenal for competitive research. SpyFu is another.

    I believe your comment would have been more appropriate as part of the Google Trends conversation: http://pixelposition.com/google-trends-lowers-price-of-gas/

    Understanding the tools about how Women and Men are talking online is important. More to be discussed on this subject…