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Is Twitter Biased to Men?

Tweeple, people who “tweet” on Twitter, need to communicate in “messages” that are 140 characters or less. Men, in general, have fewer words in their vocabulary. Studies show men have approximately 1/4 to 1/3 the number of words in their “verbal arsenal” compared to a woman’s verbal capacity. This begs the question…

Does Twitter’s 140-character limitation favor men, since they use fewer words?

Women talk more than men, in general. Women are more relational and talk with others more, a quality that makes women good at marketing and communication. But, (all joking here) men talk a lot too, often about themselves.

Twitter Over Capacity, Brought down by Men?Have you every talked using 140 characters? Is this possible? Yes! Conversations on Twitter often make this micro-blogging platform sink like a whale, and tweetie birds have to carry it back to life. Since men do “whale” in speaking with so few words, I’m assuming more men than women “tweet” on Twitter.

Hypothesis: Gabby men of few words are taking Twitter down!

Twitter Sexism?

We’re having a controversy, um, I mean conversation, about this on Sphinn: Friends on Twitter = No Life?” Feel free to chime in with your thoughts. (It’s all in fun, mind you.)

Brian Carter, one of my search marketing friends with whom I’m “debating,” has more than 800 friends on Twitter. Why? Listen to Brian Carter’s Twitter audio. He describes Twitter to the audience and how one can “follow” others and share status and messages. The biggest question they keep asking is “Why?” So Brian, please answer…Why? Do you have >800 friends in real life?

Brian’s vast online Twitter friendships prompted me to wonder, “Is Twitter the ideal conversational environment for men?” What do you think?

Anyone know of any statistics on the percentage of men on Twitter versus women?

Top Twitter Users

Why do I (jokingly) think more men are talking with few words but many tweets on Twitter? Look at the stats, Twitter Topic Stream. None of the top conversations are about Nordstrom’s, shopping, shoes, diet, beauty or Botox.

So, men must be the ones causing Twitter to be “Over Capacity.” Shown right is a StreamGraph of the Top Twitter Users. The top users are MEN!! Thus, this non-double-blind study concludes:

  • Gabby men are taking Twitter down.
  • Gabby men are doing well with 140 characters to get their message across.
  • Twitter is biased toward men. :-)

Twitter Counter

TwitterCounter for @lookadooHow popular are you on Twitter? Twitter Counter is a cool site that lets you post and track how many people are following you on Twitter. (NOTE: There is a timed delay in counter updates.)

Women in Conversational Marketing

Women will do better, overall, in conversational marketing, because women are better at relationships and conversation. Twitter conversations are short, and to the point. It’s an ideal environment for men. Go at it guys! We love following you!

Apparently, it’s all about testosterone! Here’s why women have more words in their vocabulary:

A huge testosterone surge beginning in the eighth week will turn this unisex [fetal] brain male by killing off some cells in the communication centers and growing more cells in the sex and aggression centers. If the testosterone surge doesn’t happen, the female brain continues to grow unperturbed. The fetal girl’s brain cells sprout more connections in the communications centers and areas that process emotion. How does this fetal fork in the road affect us?

For one thing, because of her larger communication center, this girl will grow up to be more talkative than her brother. Men use about seven thousand words per day. Women use about twenty thousand. For another, it defines our innate biological destiny, coloring the lens through which each of us views and engages the world. [From The Female Brain]

Men, there is hope! Here is a resource for you from AskMen.com, “How To: Improve Your Vocabulary”. Be careful, if you grow your vocabulary, you may become Twitter-challenged!

P.S. I plan to post a poll to gather some data on if you can communicate in 140 characters or less. (I’m on a learning curve with this new blog theme.) Let me know your thoughts! Follow me on Twitter. Let’s talk!

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