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New to Blogging? Free vs. Paid Blog Hosting & Platforms

A couple friends asked for blogging advice recently, so I thought I’d share some basics about blogging platforms for those new to blogging, and how to decide between free vs. paid hosting.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a blogging expert. It’s taken me over three years to “get it right” using WordPress, so I disclaim that I don’t have all the answers. The learning curve continues – guess I’m at the “Blogging 201″ level. I try to learn by my mistakes, so I’ll share my blogging mistakes with you. As my Mom used to tell me:

“Don’t do as I do. Do as I say do.”

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Hello, Yo! Yo! SEO

Goodbye, Pixel Position.
Hello, Yo! Yo! SEO.

Pixel Position is no longer active (and has been neglected).

Dana Lookadoo is rebranding and launching Yo! Yo! SEO to focus on Search Engine Optimization and Engagement.