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Pan for Gold in the #ASW09 Hashtag

Affiliate Summit West, one of THE premier conferences on affiliate marketing, provided 3 days of rich, golden content. The hashtag and Twitter were premier online marketing tools used throughout the conference, making the information a gold mine for those who know where to search.

Are you interested in making money online? Pan for gold nuggets by sifting through the #ASWO9 hashtag. You’ll find tips, tricks, tools and insights into the lives of affiliate marketers.

Hashtag 101

A hashtag is a way of marking up a tagĀ  with the pound sign, aka a “hash” – #. People who send messages via Twitter can use a common term (keyword or acronym) to ensure all messages related to the topic of the hashtag can be grouped together for reference.

Hashtag explained:

Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. They’re like tags on Flickr, only added inline to your post. You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag.

Hashtags were developed as a means to create “groupings” on Twitter.

#ASWO9 = Affiliate Summit West 2009

Attendees of Affiliate Summit West posted their notes, emotions, current happenings, and emotions by appending #ASW09 in their <=140-character tweets. These tweets into Twitter were sent through laptops and mobile phones. The #ASW09 hashtag grouped all these updates together for viewing in Twitter search for #ASW09.

ASW09 Hashtag - Affiliate Summit West

This screen shot was taken on Jan 15, 2 days after the conference. (Yes, the conversation continues after Affiliate Summit West ended.)

  • Twitter search was displayed on many projector screens throughout and during conference sessions. To say “the crowd was engaged” is an understatement!
  • Speakers received questions while moderators watched Twitter for #ASW09 during Q&A.
  • I panned for gold throughout the conference by checking my mobile phone and watching the stream of #ASW09 nuggets. (I was unable to take copious notes, because my laptop battery wouldn’t charge. The hashtag was my lifesaver.)

I posted a tweet to let others know about one excellent note-taker:

Read @VegasBill tweets for good ASW09 notes.

(I later met Bill and learned he is quite well known in Las Vegas and is a real estate agent and entrepreneur who keeps his followers informed about local Vegas news!)

The #ASW09 hashtag was also the method of letting others know about “after parties” and networking events.

Thanks to #ASW09, I knew where @rickgalan, one of my friends on Twitter and fellow winner of Copyblogger’s Gold Passes to Affiliate Summit, was during the conference. We met up a few times, thanks to this shiny Twitter hashtag.

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I won a Gold Pass to Affiliate Summit thanks to Copyblogger!

Yes, I won a pass! Brian Clark, aka Copyblogger, offered 20 Gold passes via his Affiliate Summit Gold Pass Giveaway post. The timing was perfect. I submitted my story and desire to attend the Affiliate Summit in Vegas.

I jumped for joy when I received the following email:

Hey there! I’ve selected you as one of the 20 winners of a Gold Pass to Affiliate Summit.


Copyblogger Affiliate Summit Gold Pass Giveaway

Affiliate Summit West 2009 is January 11-13, 2009 in Las Vegas.

It’s hard to express my excitement but will try, briefly. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello, Yo! Yo! SEO

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Hello, Yo! Yo! SEO.

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