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I won a Gold Pass to Affiliate Summit thanks to Copyblogger!

Yes, I won a pass! Brian Clark, aka Copyblogger, offered 20 Gold passes via his Affiliate Summit Gold Pass Giveaway post. The timing was perfect. I submitted my story and desire to attend the Affiliate Summit in Vegas.

I jumped for joy when I received the following email:

Hey there! I’ve selected you as one of the 20 winners of a Gold Pass to Affiliate Summit.


Copyblogger Affiliate Summit Gold Pass Giveaway

Affiliate Summit West 2009 is January 11-13, 2009 in Las Vegas.

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Social Media – Wheels for Remarkablogger

Social Media helped Remarkablogger get new wheels! Yes! Remarkablogger paid it forward to those who contributed to his car accident fund. As I posted earlier this week about contributing and paying it forward, I learned about his totaling his car and need on Twitter, a microblogging platform in which people share with friends. It’s like a group chat with posts, called “tweets,” that are less than or equal to 140 characters. He tweeted from the hospital!

Many people donated to his car accident fund. Michael was able to put a down payment on a 1998 Saab today, 12.12.08. That’s 4 days after his accident in which he flipped over and walked away! The generosity of his online friends’ donations brought him to tears!

How was this possible? Social Media gave him wheels again!

Paying it Back – Free Blogging Webinar

Michael Martine held a free blogging webinar on Ustream as his way of “paying friends back” for paying it forward to help him in a crunch.

Remarkablogger Free Blogging Seminar

He announced he was going to offer the webinar as a “thank you” to those who donated. He also opened the session up to anyone who wanted to join on Ustream. Requesting money for a car may be an unusual request, especially in hard times when so many people are in need. Asking, in itself, is difficult and humbling for most of us. Michael combined his understanding of technology and Social Media to provide a value and give something in return for his donation request.

He explained:

I’m doing this because… well, because I didn’t die today. Like I said, I’m in a bind and need to raise fast cash. I want to offer you something of intense value in exchange for your donation, and I hope you think that’s fair.

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Michael Martine Car Accident Fund – Pay it Forward

Michael Martine, aka Remarkablogger, had a car accident this morning, 12.08.08. He tweeted about it from the hospital:

Tweeting this from the hospital. Jeep hit ice and slid right off the highway and hit a rock wall. I am miraculously unscathed. Need coffee.

The jeep hit black ice and spun around. I slid backwards off the road, flipped onto the driver side, and hit rock wall.

I am completely unharmed. It’s amazing. I can’t believe it. But the jeep is gone.

His Jeep is destroyed. He went home and is okay. However, he needs help…and transportation. He will be offering a tele-seminar to help raise money for a new car.

Michael has given so much to the online community. Let’s give back to him. Donate to the Michael Martine Car Accident Fund.

Why I donated to Michael’s Car Fund…

Michael Martine Car Fund

I gave. Why? I’m not a saint, and I’m not rich. I also don’t want linkbait.

My life has been enriched by Michael Martine and the value he brings and shares about blogging and online marketing. Also, I was personally touched by what happened to him and was instantly reminded that my life, too, was miraculously saved from a car accident years ago. It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about this, and tears are welled up in my eyes.

Here’s why I donated to his Car Fund…

Remarkablogger is Remarkable!

Remarkablogger is just that, a remarkable blogger. I have learned so much from this man. I read his site and subscribed to his emails before I even “knew” him on Twitter, @remarkablogger.

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How HP sold me on Apple

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has done their best to sell me an Apple computer. How? I have spent well over 30 hours dealing with HP issues – time with Customer Care, troubleshooting, restoring lost files, researching problems in technology forums and returning products.

Why am I writing about this? Partially to complain but mostly to use my challenges as an opportunity to remind businesses of the importance of customer service.

Moeny follows reputation!Customer Service and product quality affects Word of Mouth Marketing – how people talk about you. What they say affects how others spend their money. Every touch point with your company affects your reputation. Money follows!

I’ve been “listening” to what others are saying about the Mac OS X and have been salivating over their excitement about Apple products. Plus, you can’t buy a new PC with Windows XP. Who wants Vista? All of this “talk,” along with my personal experiences with HP, are shaping my opinions about how I spend my money.

My money is following away from Windows and HP. Let me tell you why HP sold me on Apple…

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Take 5: Thankful for Free Tools

Take 5: Thankful for Free Tools

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is coming. This is a good time to continue my Take 5 Series by focusing on five free tools and plugins for which I’m thankful, because they make life easier.

1. WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin

WordPress as a blogging and CMS platform updates often, some say too often. The latest upgrade fixed a few critical bugs and a security issue. The updates were minor, but the time to upgrade the software can be time-consuming. Alas, I’ve learned to rely upon my trusty plugin - WordPress Automatic Upgrade. Updating to WordPress 2.6.5 took 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes or more. This is one plugin to which I’ve donated in support of their efforts. Here’s why:

  • The process of uploading to new versions of WordPress software are almost automatic.
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin also backs up your WordPress files!
  • It automatically puts your site into maintenance mode, downloads the latest version of WordPress, copies the files over to your server, makes the site live again, and then cleans up all your old files. Whallah!

2. All-in-One SEO Plugin

Every time I create a new post, I’m thankful for “out-of-the-box SEO” provided by the All-in-One SEO Plugin. WordPress is not search-engine-friendly by default. WordPress page names contain question marks without keywords. Each WordPress post shows on the home page, category and archive pages. Content that is shown in multiple places like this presents duplicate content issues, which is bad for search engines. Such issues are not a concern when you use this plugin.

Of course, All-in-One SEO plugin DOES NOT do keyword research for you, or write content that is keyword-rich or get incoming links for you. But it does “fix” the structure of WordPress so your site is “friendly” for the search engines to find your keywords and content. It’s a great plugin for those who are not technical. It’s also worth giving the developer a donation!

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Hello, Yo! Yo! SEO

Goodbye, Pixel Position.
Hello, Yo! Yo! SEO.

Pixel Position is no longer active (and has been neglected).

Dana Lookadoo is rebranding and launching Yo! Yo! SEO to focus on Search Engine Optimization and Engagement.