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Conversational SEO: Listen. Respond. Engage.

Blogging a Journey in Online Marketing, finally!

Pixel Position dot com once displayed services for SEO and eCommerce Development and has FINALLY been “remodeled.” Dana Lookadoo, founder and Conversational Marketer with Pixel Position, has revamped the site to help companies engage with customers using various Conversational SEO Strategies.

It’s taken some time to implement the proper blog theme with WordPress on a reliable hosting platform. We made some mistakes and lost previous blog databases and indexed pages (OUCH for someone in SEO). Those who know about Pixel Position know that clients come first. This means that working on one’s own site is often second or third on the list.

It’s too easy to be like the car mechanic who doesn’t work on his/her own car! We’ll share the journey to get this blog live as well.

Pixel Position Site Goals

The goal of Pixel Position is to provide a place to have a conversation about marketing strategies – from A to Z and back. Strategies, tips and tools for marketing your products and services (and even yourself) online will be featured. Topics will include:

  • Conversational SEO & Online Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and the world of Web 2.0.
  • Ways to be productive, ways to use Zoho productivity tools and Google Apps. (Guess that’s Z to GA?)

It’s time to get going, again…blogging again! It’s great to dedicate time to others and to serving clients, but it’s finally time to launch this journey in Online Marketing. Get on board! You’ll learn tips, tools and resources to market your products, services and your people! Your ticket is free. No refunds. No guarantees! Travel at your own risk.

The goal of the journey is to show you how to “Engage Customers with Online Marketing!”

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