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Happy Birthday, Facebook: You turned 5!

A birthday card to wish Facebook a Happy 5th Birthday:

Happy Birthday, Facebook!

You turned 5 years old February 4, 2009, and your influence on the world grows exponentially as your age grows linearly. You have received a lot of “Happy Birthday, Facebook” greetings, yet I couldn’t let the week pass without sending my own birthday wish to you.

Happy Birthday, Facebook

Facebook Happy Birthday Application

Facebook, you have had a tremendous impact on many people.  I didn’t really understand your magnetism at first. When you opened your doors to more than college students, masses flocked to network onto your social platform. Over 150 million people around the world share their lives on Facebook to date.

You offer a safe place for people to connect. New friendships are formed and strengthened and old friends and high school buddies are reconnected, thanks to you! You have many applications, even providing ways for people to wish each other “Happy” Birthday on Facebook.

Businesses, non-profit organizations, various causes and political campaigns are able to share their products, services and efforts with Facebook users. Millions of dollars in social media advertising are invested into your tightly-controlled ad system. Facebook “Causes” has made a difference to help people and campaigns that would have been impossible without this social utility.

My comprehension of the “power of Facebook” for search marketing has grown in the past year. You are an important factor for search engine optimization and social media marketing. I was surprised to see you with a booth at Affiliate Summit in Vegas in January, and that “Advertising on Facebook” was the topic of a HOT session. You may argue it was standing-room-only because Shoemoney was on the panel, but you were the royal guest of honor.

Thank you, Facebook, for providing a social network for us to engage in conversation in ways unavailable before your birthday 5 years ago.

You should be proud that you have fulfilled and continue to expand your mission:

“Facebook was founded in 2004 to give people the tools to engage and understand the world around them.”

I’m going to spend more time with you building relationships in the coming years and look forward to many more birthdays! It will be exciting to see how you mature.

Happy Birthday, Facebook!

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2 Responses

  1. scott says:

    Well done, Dana. I like your writing :)

  2. Scott, gosh… “Thank you!” doesn’t fully express my appreciation. You’re very kind!

    It’s amazing that a 5-year old can have such a large impact on our lives like Facebook. I just had to send them a birthday card! :-)

    It’s been nice getting to know you on Twitter. Will use this opportunity to tell you how much I like your site’s logo! Thanks for stopping by!