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I won a Gold Pass to Affiliate Summit thanks to Copyblogger!

Yes, I won a pass! Brian Clark, aka Copyblogger, offered 20 Gold passes via his Affiliate Summit Gold Pass Giveaway post. The timing was perfect. I submitted my story and desire to attend the Affiliate Summit in Vegas.

I jumped for joy when I received the following email:

Hey there! I’ve selected you as one of the 20 winners of a Gold Pass to Affiliate Summit.


Copyblogger Affiliate Summit Gold Pass Giveaway

Affiliate Summit West 2009 is January 11-13, 2009 in Las Vegas.

It’s hard to express my excitement but will try, briefly.

Affiliate Summit is THE place to learn Affiliate Marketing

The following from Copyblogger’s post explains the importance of Affiliate Summit:

Top Notch Affiliate Marketing Education

There are two types of people who make good money online without being at the mercy of a dismal advertising market—those with great things to sell, and those who sell other people’s great things. Some enjoy doing both.

Affiliate marketing is all about matching up other people’s great things with relevant people. And the smartest affiliate marketers are doing that with content.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some “brainiacs” in life, and I take every opportunity to learn from the best! Now I’m going to Affiliate Summit to be a sponge. I look forward to being surrounded by some of the best affiliate marketers. The principle of osmosis works at conferences, right?

Affiliate Marketing Goals

Brian Clark asked those who wanted to win a Gold pass to Affiliate Summit to share their stories. I shared my 5-point plan:

  1. Model what successful affiliates are doing.
  2. Set quantifiable objectives for desired outcomes.
  3. Learn as much as possible.
  4. Work hard w/o being distracted by shiny objects and perceived “needs.”
  5. Provide value in niche markets.

This was easy. I had written the plan down last weekend. (The importance of writing your goals down will be the subject of another post.)

Thank you, Copyblogger, for giving me the opportunity to attend Affiliate Summit as one step in reaching these goals.

Value of Networking

The value of networking at conferences CANNOT be understated. Anyone interested in online marketing and Web development should seriously consider attending conferences and training sessions! Opportunities abound. Relationships are established. The adage, “Two are greater than one!” is true. Multiply that effect by hundreds or thousands. You can meet some of the best in your industry by attending conferences.

Think about it. Why is networking so valuable? People are social. We want to connect with other people. Conferences allow you to network, make friends, expand your horizons, and reach your goals.

Social Networking

Affiliate Summit is also demonstrating best practices of social networking, connecting online. They setup a Ning site for attendees to network. Understanding how to use social networks and getting involved is more than valuable. It’s priceless.

The value of networking cannot be underestimated! Network, and get connected. Connect on social networks and in real life at conferences.

Friends who also Won

I’m especially thrilled that one of my friends, Rick Galan, also won one of Copyblogger’s Gold Passes. And I met a new friend, Andrew Kuo, who is passionate about students and educations, something dear to my heart. Andrew will also be attending Affiliate Summit, and we’ve now connected on Twitter!

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Why am I interested in affiliate marketing? I especially enjoy the aspect of sharing information. I spend a great deal of time helping others and sharing information, recommending products and services…and more. Why not make some money at the same time?

Money is not the driving force, however. The desire to learn is key. Affiliate Marketing utilizes key principles of online marketing, search engine optimization, usability, sales copy and conversion. Affiliate Marketing puts all this together!

The industry is changing. Nothing is constant. Continuing education is key. Consider attending Affiliate Summit. It is the “premier Affiliate Marketing conference.” It may be the key to your success!

Are you attending Affiliate Summit?

Please say “hello” and let’s connect before, during, and after Affiliate Summit!

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3 Responses

  1. UPDATE: Immediately after posting, I learned that Andrew Kuo cannot attend Affiliate Summit since he’s not 21 – Las Vegas casino laws. Affiliate Summit will graciously provide him a pass next year.

  2. Wild Dingo says:

    Lucky. I never win anything. I’m the Charlie Brown of free stuff…

    And remember, it’s Vegas, Baby! Don’t be a dud and forget to have fun!

    Who loves the Internet? WordPress Developers!:

  3. Thanks, Charlie Brown! :-)

    It will be fun to get together with some great marketing minds. And I’m staying an extra day to attend a training on Online Reputation Management. What could be more fun than that? :-)